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Alice M. M. Taylor

Writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia.

It might be a surprise to literally nobody, but the author of “Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking” – A Depression-Friendly Guide to Eating (and Living) a Little Bit BetterΒ has had depression and anxiety since her early teens.

Once an academic teenager on track to medical school, Alice disappointed everyone in her life by choosing to go into writing instead. This is because she has depression and anxiety and did not see the good in burning herself out with two degrees in seven years until she’d recovered. That, and she loves writing.

The good news is, she’s back to medicine in 2018.

Twitter and Instagram: @fuckcookingblog (for everything blog-related) and @missmedland (for everything Alice-related)


Alice does have a Patreon! She also knows that most of her audience has depression and is struggling themselves, so please do not feel obligated to support her financially if you are not in a position to. If you still want to support her, following the blog, sharing posts and/or giving feedback costs nothing and is equally as valid and valuable.


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