Fussy Fridays

Just hate salad too much? It’s okay. Not everyone can stomach it. And it doesn’t mean you can’t eat a little better.

While I really encourage people to try something new, and trust me when I say “you can’t taste the X in this”, if you’re not up to it, then you’re not up to it. There’s no shame in that. Let’s just aim for slightly healthier than microwave mac and cheese.

So here’s my fussy-eater-friendly page! All the fussy-friendly recipes can be found below, so have a look, and see what sounds good! I’ll be posting designated fussy-friendly recipes every Friday.

Don’t want to miss a Friday update? Get recipes delivered straight to your inbox. Signing up is easy – just fill in the form at the bottom of the page!

Also, please please please use the submit section to tell me what foods you hate, or what crappy, tasty food you eat too much of. I read everything sent to me, and will try to find a healthier, zero-effort, but still tasty and satisfying alternative for you.


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