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Hello, and welcome!

So, most of you will have arrived here from Reddit, probably because cooking is a fucking chore and “depression meals” form the most part of your diet. Same here. I am the fucking worst, but trying to be better. And there’s no better way to get better than to bring other people up with you. So welcome to “Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking” – The Depression-Friendly Guide to Eating (and Living) A Little Bit Better.

Don’t know what a “depression meal” or “depression eating” is?

Do you sometimes eat a bag of crisps in place of a proper meal? Does using the stove instead of the microwave to make your packet ramen make you feel like you’re going the extra mile? Because that’s 100% depression eating and it’s fucking bad for you.

“Okay but I have zero motivation to eat better. I can’t even make packet ramen some nights.”

WHEN I SAY ZERO EFFORT, I MEAN ZERO EFFORT. The most you will need to do for ANY of the recipes here is spend a minute chopping something. The whole point of this blog is to make eating this food easier and faster than ordering take-out. I swear to god, this is not another “cure your depression by just not being depressed” blog. I am depressed. I will never expect anyone to do anything I don’t and can’t do myself.

Have no car? Unemployed and/or struggling with money? Specific dietary needs? Dealing with specific cravings for shitty food?

No worries, I’ve designed the shopping list so you won’t be weighed down too much, and can carry your entire week’s groceries home. And I’m on welfare payments myself, so everything is budget friendly.


Hold up – you’re not blogging the recipes anymore, but I heard tell of a book?

Every new post will be listed right below, and it will also appear on the website’s front page, here. Save yourself some effort and hit that follow button at the bottom of the page, then updates will go straight into your inbox.

While there may be recipes from time to time, the focus of the blog has shifted towards tackling the ‘other stuff – time management, coping strategies for everyday problems, and tackling the stigma and misconceptions about mental health.

Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking is currently being transformed from many recipes over many webpages into a single eBook – which will be free to download (more info soon). All recipes currently posted will remain on the website until the more accessible eBook is published.