The Return of “Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking”

It’s been some months (and what hellish months they were), but as promised, Fuck It I’m Not Cooking is returning. Much as FIINC focuses on maximal nutrition with minimal effort, there will be some changes which will make FIINC more efficient on the production end, but maximise the quality and accessibility of content on your end!

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you – all of the subscribers, all of the individual people who have tweeted me, emailed me, and messaged me on Reddit or Facebook over the past four months. There have been literally hundreds of you, and in the last four months your support has meant the world.

Anyway, that’s the chummy stuff done – let’s get to the stuff we’re actually here for.

Over the past four months I have accumulated plenty of five-minute, zero-cooking, not-rabbit-food recipes. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback I got was that you guys hated the website structure – there were recipes fucking everywhere, but finding the specific one you wanted WASN’T easy. That’s my bad. Turns out creating an entire website from scratch in an afternoon doesn’t always turn out perfectly.

You guys wanted all the recipes in one place, so the solution, obviously, was to write an eBook. And before you go “oh, gross, now I have to BUY something to access the content?” let me interrupt you with the words “it’s gonna be free“. The entire POINT of this blog is to make life easier for people whose lives are hard. And people whose lives are hard are NOT going to go spending money they don’t need to, and I wouldn’t ask them to.

The eBook is still in the writing stages, so all the recipes currently on the website will remain up until publication – which can be viewed here. For blog content and further updates on the eBook, sign up using the form at the bottom of the page and it’ll be sent straight to your email inbox. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter (@fuckcookingblog)!

Okay, so the blog is becoming a book, what the hell is the blog gonna be?

Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking will still be food-focused. We’ll talk about shopping habits, we’ll talk about nutrition, we’ll bitch and moan about everything from cooking to cleaning to waking up on time being so goddamn hard, and then we’ll find achievable solutions. And like, actually achievable solutions. None of this “the first step to beating depression is to do all the things your depression stops you from doing” bullshit. Which is, at its core, what FIINC is all about. Coping strategies for people who aren’t coping.

The other thing you guys consistently asked for were YouTube videos – you want to see these five minute recipes made in real time, hearing me ramble and swear over the top of it in person. At this stage, I don’t have the funds for a high quality camera, microphone, and the software but I am saving hard. If you want to help me make it happen, I do have a Patreon.

There will be more information, updates and content throughout the week, so stay tuned!

– Alice x

I emphasise that FIINC does not replace therapy in any way at all, and I encourage everyone who feels that they are struggling to talk to a GP or other qualified professional. No advice or information anywhere on constitutes or replaces the advice of qualified medical professionals.

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