Tonight’s depression food: I might have had sleep for dinner, but dessert I’m proud of.


Sorry guys, no recipes today, I had a bad one. But I thought I’d share anyway.

I had my last class of the semester, and it was really tough. The one stable, regular part of my week is now over. When I got home I didn’t write recipes and check my emails. I went straight to bed. I had sleep for dinner.

But when I woke up hungry in the middle of the night, I looked at the chocolate sitting on top of my bar fridge, and instead got myself a bowl of yoghurt and dumped some fruit on top. I am now on a late night Netflix binge.

Proof is in the (shitty snapchat of) the pudding:


“Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking” is real. I’m not writing this blog post-recovery, from the luxury of function and ease. I literally had sleep for dinner. But for dessert I did a tiny bit better. And it does, it feels good. It took me a minute to put together, and it tasted good. Probably better than the chocolate if I’m honest.

Just a reminder that eating alright is achievable guys, even on the bad days.

8 thoughts on “Tonight’s depression food: I might have had sleep for dinner, but dessert I’m proud of.

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  1. I miss this blog and I just discovered it a few days ago.

    Seriously, I don’t mean for any guilt at all but the most I know how to make is depression meals and this blog inspired me to finally get my shit together like a functional human being and start following a recipe and making my own meals.

    I hope it comes back and wish you all the best for the times ahead.


  2. Thank you for this blog and for your candor. I had sleep for dinner last night too, and my middle of the night snack wasn’t one to be proud of. It helps to know that this struggle is one that I am not facing alone. ❀


  3. I had sleep for dinner last night too. But my midnight dessert was peanut butter. I really appreciate the candor of your blog. It helps to know that I am not alone with this struggle. ❀


  4. Thank you for this! All of it. It makes me feel not so alone. It makes it real, and not just “in my head”. It’s been hard for me since I had to stop working. I get very frustrated with myself.
    I picked up a bunch of already packaged crockpot dinners today and put them in the freezer. My husband and teenagers literally think they are the BEST, and they are the easiest thing ever. A pot roast & veggies (all ready to go) in the crockpot with a can of flaky biscuits in the toaster oven, and they think I’m a chef! Easy for me (I can’t eat any of it, I’m on my second year of a liquid diet for health reasons), but yummy for them!!! ❀


  5. Hell yeah Lucifer ❀ Fruit salad always make a neat snack, been a while since I had so thanks for giving me an idea for tonight πŸ˜€


  6. Alice, that desert looks great – as I sit here eating chocolate! I hope you’re not putting pressure on yourself with your new blog – just do what you can when you can for as long as you want to. I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes later this week πŸ™‚ Best wishes Aaron



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