The story behind “Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking”


So, I made a post to r/eatcheapandhealthy on Reddit which was controversially removed and then restored after a bazillion people bombarded me with requests to make a blog, and a YouTube channel, specifically designed to help depressed people eat better.

I listened.

Well, I made a blog. YouTube is not really feasible right now. I don’t have a camera, or a microphone, and my laptop is a fucking piece of shit.

In high school, I wanted to be a psychiatrist, and I still do, because I have always wanted to help people who are at rock bottom and struggling. I felt like a failure for not being able to cope with medical school yet.

But when I made the Reddit post, I realised that I myself can be at rock bottom, and still help people who are at rock bottom and struggling. Self-care is difficult but it’s doable, and combined with therapy (which I highly recommend seeking before you reach a crisis point in your life), it’s possible to get better.

There are so many blogs that advocate curing depression by fighting uphill against it. Exercise every day! Eat an expensive mediterranean diet! Do all the things your depression stops you from doing! Basically, all these fucking blogs do is make you feel like shit for not being able to do what they expect depressed people to be able to do. This is absolutely not that.

This is a blog for people who are so depressed that they cannot cook for themselves. And all the “recipes” I will be posting can be made in five minutes flat.

You will not need a stove. You will not be cooking.

You will be throwing together food that tastes good, and it will be faster and easier and healthier than ordering take-out.

That’s what this blog is. It’s depression-eating, but with real meals, not “depression meals”. We’re aiming for better, not best. There’s no point being idealistic. Everything here is practical, realistic, and achievable.

Hell, for headers I’m using stock photos I found by googling “free stock photo angry cooking”. I am doing the bare fucking minimum, and so should you.

I will be uploading my “Master Shopping List” very shortly. This shopping list is small, cost-effective, and enough for one person to eat for a week with very minimal waste. The groceries are lightweight enough that you can carry them home, so if you don’t have a car, you’ll be fine. After the first shop, it will be even lighter, because most of the heavy stuff will kick around your pantry and won’t need buying again.

If any recipe uses ingredients not on this “Master List”, I will specifically note that. So you’ll always have everything you need to eat what you want to eat. You’ll only need to go to the shops once a week, which is totally doable.

If you’re looking for a couple recipes to begin, I included a few in my Reddit post. I will be uploading one recipe a day (give or take, I do have depression after all) until I’m out of creative ways to eat as lazily as possible.

I will also be doing a lot of meta-posting about the recipes, about eating in general, food storage and food safety tips, probably some rants about how fucking stupid depression is. It’s not a very formal thing, but hopefully people will get something out of it.

I also made a Patreon, so if you really wanna get behind this and help a depressed sister out, words could not thank you enough. However, it is absolutely support enough to follow the blog, give some feedback, some suggestions. Hell, if you’re really enthusiastic, sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter would be incredible.

Love you all, and, as ever, talk to your GP if everyday life is getting difficult for you.

10 thoughts on “The story behind “Fuck It, I’m Not Cooking”

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  1. Thank you so much! Keep it up please. I’m underweight and haven’t ate well in years. Have you maybe thought about adding other self care posts? Like how to keep up with cleaning when you are completely depressed and your room that’s becoming messier and messier is only making you more depressed. Thanks!!:)


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I am in grad school and have some fairly mild anxiety and depression and I get stressed about what to eat like three times daily. I don’t have the time or energy to cook a lot of days. I eat lots of depression meals. I have literally googled how to eat with anxiety before, looking for something like this. I super glad a friend came across your site and sent it to me. Thank you for doing this. Also thank so much for not being annoyingly encouraging and peppy. The tone of this is exactly what I need most of the time.


  3. I’m a bipolar line cook, so 95% of my home meals are “fuck it, I’m not cooking.”

    Learning what can be frozen really diversified my diet. Not crazy meal prep, just individual ingredients that you can toss in the freezer and grab a bit here and there as needed.

    I’m more than happy to offer some tiered suggestions ranging from:

    -Add it to a salad/wrap/sandwich

    -A little help from Chef Mic[rowave]

    -Enough energy to use the stove, as long as it only uses one pan

    Not a collaboration, I don’t have the time or energy to commit to that. Just a fellow depressed individual that knows how shitty our diets can become, willing to share some of my tips.


  4. I love your site! Thank you! I was put on Meals on Wheels after I was hospitalized for malnourishment. Luckily, my doctors understood that if I could eat, I would, but I was too f*****g depressed!


  5. God bless you, you are my new hero! I am so fed up with the vicious circle of “you need to eat better to feel better” & “if I fucking felt better, I COULD eat better”! The shopping list alone is a life-saver. I couldn’t even come up with a damn shopping list.


  6. This is a really cool idea! I love the salad recipe. It looks like a great option for me to try to curb bad eating habits at work, especially since it takes such little time and can be made in bulk. Thank you for this! I hate cooking but want to eat healthy, and I think this will help!


  7. Hey are you looking for someone to collaborate with?
    I love cooking (cough depressed too cough) and im an artist so im realy good with making pictures to feature the food (my art is on AlyGatorArt on facebook)

    Love to hear back from you!


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